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Only health is a symbol of beauty
Gelatin contains a large amount of collagen and amino acids, which can help the skin maintain elasticity, reduce wrinkles, enhance the skin's radiance, and make the skin more youthful and healthy,provide support and protection to damaged tissues and promote tissue regeneration and repair

Scientifically speaking, people need nutrients and energy derived from natural foods to function properly in life. This includes food supplements, fortified foods and beverages, and nutraceuticals. People also demand a higher quality of life and are willing to invest time and money.

Taking responsibility for their health through an active lifestyle and healthy nutrition has led to rapid and massive growth in markets such as health apps and wearables, exercise equipment and gym subscriptions. For manufacturers, these changes have brought huge new opportunities and many new challenges.

Collagen powder is an excellent source of protein that provides many of the qualities that these new target groups are looking for in terms of improved athletic performance, such as support for bone and joint health, muscle recovery, and increased skin elasticity and firmness. In addition, collagen has a long-lasting satiating effect that helps with weight management. Collagen has been widely accepted and sought after by consumers as a positive contribution to health.

Gelatin is widely used in food processing for making winter seed jelly, candy, meat products, cake and bread. Gelatin has good solidification and fluidity, can increase the taste and nutritional value of food, but also can protect the quality and safety of food


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Although collagen has taken the world by storm, it is still only in the early stages ofdevelopment and there is huge potential to be tapped in expanding into newmarkets, applications and products.