Jelly Glue

Jelly glue (also known as gelatin), also known as animal glue, due to the appearance of jelly-like, in the printing and packaging industry called jelly glue.
Jelly glue is a new type of environmentally friendly adhesive, natural materials, the main component is industrial gelatin.

Alias: Animal Protein Gum;  Oophilic Gum
Product Specification: Content≥63%
Viscosity: ≥23700±50cps
Packing: carton, 25KG/ctn
Shelf life: one year
Storage Method:  Sealed, dry, avoid heat

According to the production process and equipment, jelly glue can be divided into :

1. low-speed jelly glue: Suitable for manual operation, setting time is 20-180s;

2. Medium-speed jelly glue: Suitable for semi-automatic machine, setting time is 10-100s;

3. High-speed jelly glue: Suitable for automatic machine, setting time is 1-10s.

Mainly Use
Book-binding and all kinds of boxes make.

Storage Method
Keep in a tightly closed container stored in a cool dry ventilated place

Packaging & Delivery

Standard Packaging2.5kg/pc,10pcs/carton,40cartons/pallet
Lead Time5-7 working days After receive the payment

Packaging Details

12Mts for 20ft container; 24Mts for 40ft container (without pallet)