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Pet feed & fertilizer
Pet food functional lipids, proteins and minerals
We offer functional ingredients for a wide range of applications. The portfolio includes solutions for pet food production, animal feed production, cattle feed production and mineral fertilizers. Our ingredients are also used in technical applications such as fire protection, sound insulation, oleochemistry and biofuels.

Functional proteins in pet food


A multi-use protein-rich supplement for pets

For wet pet food production, PSR is a good partial alternative to bloodplasma, providing texture and good water retention even after a sterilization step. Forpet treats, it provides binding properties which in turn reduce the brittleness of thefinal product. Functionalities such as water binding, oil binding and emulsification arealso well appreciated during cold pressed processing. PSR is a food grade approved,100% pork and pure natural product that is ideal to meet the demands of ourcustomers in terms of quality and label claims.


Indispensable nutrients in animal feed

Highest level of digestability

pure and high quality dicalcium phosphate (DCP) from animal (bovine bone) origin. Adding to your pig, poultry, and aqua feed will not only support their nutrient needs, but also ensure an excellent level of digestible phosphorus compared to other sources. 

An essential nutrient

Functional lipids, composed by so-called fatty acids, are derived from the production of gelatin approved for human consumption. They are 100 % natural, safe and healthy, and make for an essential ingredient of animal feed, pet food, and aquafeed. 

The lipids or fats are an important energy supplier, as the fatty acids contribute to the development and the production of hormones. Moreover, essential vitamins such as vitamins A, D, E, and K can only be absorbed, stored and transported with support of lipids. The fats also improve the taste and the texture of the pet food and feed.