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A highly effective health product for beauty and skin care
Industrial gelatin is a protein that is partially hydrolyzed from the collagen in the connective or epidermal tissues of animals. It has many excellent physical and chemical properties.


Gelatin is known for the value it offers in the field of photography. Formulary gelatinis used in the preparation of emulsions, or the light-sensitive layers that captureimages in traditional print photography. Gelatin allows for the high quality, glossyblack and white photos that photographers seek.


Industrial gelatin is hydrophilic colloid, has the function of protecting colloid, can be used as stabilizer and emulsifier of hydrophobic colloid. It is amphoteric electrolyte, which can coagulate charged particles into blocks in water, and thus can be used as clarifying agent for wine and alcohol. As a dispersant, binder, thickener, stabilizer, emulsifier, it is widely used in a variety of products in plate, furniture, matches, feed, packaging, papermaking, textile, silk, printing and dyeing, printing, ceramics, petroleum, daily chemicals, paints, metallurgy and other industries, in which it mainly plays the roles of thickening, stabilizing, coagulating, blending, varnishing, sizing, adhesion, water-fixing, etc. It is also a protective colloid, and can be used as a stabilizer and emulsifier for hydrophobic colloids.